Website submission to search engines including Google, Bing  & Yahoo is one of the more effective ways to get your site listed without having to pay for sponsored adverts. This gives you the opportunity to promote your business and increase site traffic without constantly paying for and updating adverts. With search engine submission it will allow your site to appear when someone searches for it on Google.

How It Works 

In their own words, Google has lots of computers to crawl billions of pages. This is what they refer to as the Googlebot. It works by having a list of URLs which are from previous crawls. It then adds to these pages with sitemap data which is how it finds new sites. When it finds a new site it adds these to the Google search engine which means that potentially it could appear on Google if something similar is searched. However, there’s no guarantee that it will be found quickly or listed highly on Google. This is where using an XML sitemap can speed up this process and potentially get your site on Google within the same day and begin to generate organic traffic.

Is it Worth Doing

Absolutely. Website submission is essentially free marketing because when people search for related products or keywords in sites like Google and Yahoo they will display your website at no fee. This means you can increase site traffic and get business exposure by people looking for something similar.

How Much Will It Cost

Every site is different and it depends on the complexity of the website. Usually, we charge around £50 for the whole process of website submission. After that initial charge, your site will stay on Google forever with no additional fees.

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