Paid Marketing is often referred to as PPC (Pay Per Click). This is where a merchant creates a campaign and allocates a budget. Paid adverts often appear above organic results and can hence be targeted to very specific audiences.

How It Works

Firstly, set a budget for your allocated allowance over a set time and then you will then be charged per click on your advert. Then the value of each click changes dependent on the quality of the content and how relevant the advert is. This essentially means that the less misleading subsequently the cheaper your advert will be. The most common PPC is Google ads since these are the adverts that are displayed at the top of a Google search result.

Is It Worth It

Absolutely. Firstly, you are only charged on how many clicks you get on the advert so as well as increasing traffic you can see what adverts work better than others and you can use this information to then put sales on products that maybe don’t do as well as others. In conclusion, this means that you will only be charged for your products that are doing well and therefore you are more likely to make money on PPC than any other paid marketing.

As well as Google, Facebook also runs with PPC which is a great platform to advertise on because of its sheer number of users. You can target set groups of people by many categories including age, area, married with kids, etc.

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